Licensed, bonded, and insured in Colorado


Home Security Assessment & Consulting

We come to your home to assess your unique needs and discuss solutions that will work for you; within your timeline and budget.  Some "consultants" are really just salespeople for security vendors or alarm companies. We never push specific solutions or devices. Forty percent of what we recommend won't cost you a dime.

Process Service

Documents we serve include summons, subpoenas, evictions, divorce papers, foreclosures, and any/all civil and criminal action suits. We also provide services for pro se (unrepresented) clients navigating the small claims court  system.

We'll keep you informed at every step.

Asset Tracking & Recovery Support

We can help locate assets, then provide the information you need to recover them safely and smartly. That could include surveillance on the location and the individuals with the asset, including an assessment of the risks associated with recovering.  Accurate information will guide you to a  planning a reasonable and safe solution.

Business Investigations

There are often questions about what is happening inside an entity. Gaining that knowledge could be critical to support a decision on investment, merger, acquisition, or partnership; or for a higher management level to gain knowledge on one of their locations or employees.  We make it happen.

Protective Intelligence

We conduct protective intelligence investigations to develop an understanding of threats to individuals and entities, providing support to make decisions for managing the threat. This is most relevant with stalkers, contested divorces, domestic violence, jealous former partners, celebrities, officials, etc.

Research on Individuals & Skip Tracing

We have the information needed to conduct timely and cost-effective research. Our databases contain accurate data regarding people's whereabouts, contact information, assets, criminal history, relatives, associates and more. Is the person you're dating who and what they say they are? Let us help you find out.


We offer surveillance to collect the type of evidence you need to make a decision and possibly take further action in a variety of scenarios. 

This includes cheating spouses, child custody, child endangerment, proof of employment, embezzlement, theft, vandalism, workers compensation fraud, etc.

Background Checks

Our background investigations can include everything from just finding out where someone lives to a comprehensive background.  Comprehensive checks involve reviewing criminal and civil court records, public records checks, interviewing associates, social network analysis, and surveillance to confirm information. 

Special Services

We provide tailored solutions for unique cases. We also have operational partners that provide services such as  executive protection, threat management, and coaching to facilitate a successful outcome. 

If you have a special situation, task, or goal, please contact us to discuss how we can help you.


The private investigators that work for Jaeger Investigation Services are individually licensed by the State of Colorado, bonded through CNA Surety (Bond number 63272647), and insured by Hiscox Insurance (#34219593-PL).

Note: Under the Private Investigators Licensure Act, after June 1st 2015, any individual who wishes to perform private investigation services in the State Of Colorado, as defined by C.R.S. 12-58.5-103, must obtain state licensure. Please make sure you verify the license of anyone claiming to perform private investigation services of any kind by visiting:

Please call our number above and we will provide you with the name and credential number for your assigned investigator.