Our base rate is $85 per hour, per investigator. This applies to business investigations, protective intelligence, research on individuals, surveillance, background checks, and other special services. Please see "Important Considerations" below.

Home security assessment and consulting is $199.

Note: Additional home security services, such as project management of the installation, start at $50 per hour.

Comprehensive reports on individuals are $99.

Skip tracing is $35. 

Note: You must have an active court case or verifiable reason for the skip trace.

Process service is $55 for routine service, including 4 attempts over 10 days, based on you sending us the documents electronically. If you require us to meet with you in person, rates begin at $110.

Small Claims Court Process Service is $110 and includes filing the Affidavit of Service with the Court Clerk.

We also provide rush or scheduled services at higher rates.


The total cost for any investigative service we provide will be primarily determined by the scope of work and the number of hours it’ll take to achieve it. Other factors may impact the cost.

The more reliable information you can provide us ahead of time, the more we will be able to accurately estimate the scope of work and the cost. When we understand what you need to know, or the results you’re trying to achieve, we will develop an effective and efficient plan that meets your needs.  We'll always present the plan to you before we begin.

We assess each case on our probability of success for the timeline, budget, scope of work, and risks. Those four things are interconnected, and like most things in life, can be resolved with more resources and/or planning.

If you have special circumstances or safety concerns, please let us know in advance.

The Retainer

In some cases we require a retainer deposit, which is based on the number of hours we estimate it will take to complete the job. Our services agreement contains specific information on retainer rates.

Investigative services are then billed against the retainer.

At any point during the investigation (and at the completion of the case), we will inform you any remaining balance.

Other Potential Costs

 If travel remains local to Denver, Colorado Springs, and the Front Range area, you will not incur the cost of mileage or meals. 

We require reimbursement for unusual expenses such as paying informants, photocopies, access to events (e.g. concert tickets), airfare, hotel stays, rental cars, etc.

We also require reimbursement for the purchase of any non-standard/specialized equipment or equipment (e.g. remote cameras) that must be abandoned or cannot be recovered due to operational changes and limitations directed by, or caused by, the client (e.g. cancelling services without notice).

Special Conditions

There will be an increased cost for holidays or special schedule requirements requiring other cases be put on hold. Our services agreement contains specific information on those conditions and rates.

If there is unusual risk associated with your case, you can anticipate we’ll adjust our rates commensurate with our assessment of the likelihood, consequences, and possible mitigation options for the risk.