What research services do you offer?

Individual-specific research:

SSN Verification - cross-checks to date-of-birth, addresses, etc.

Death Index Search

Possible Relatives

Possible Roommates/shared-residences

Cell Phone by Name

E-mail Search

Unlisted Numbers

Other telephone Searches

Professional Licenses

Eviction Records

Marriage Licenses

Divorce Records

Vehicle Registrations

Vehicle Ownership

Property Ownership

Criminal history:

Sex Offender Search

National Warrants

Arrest Records

Federal Criminal Docket

Office of Foreign Assets Control - Terrorist

Business/Corporate records:

Court Records

Bankruptcy Records

Tax Lien Records

Civil Judgments

Federal Court Records

Corporate Records

“Doing Business As” Search

EIN-Tax ID Search

Business Phone Search

Federal Court Records

Delayed Searches:

These take several days because they're done in-person at the court houses. (The cost varies.)

State Driving Records

Consumer Credit Reports

Federal Criminal Records

Federal Civil Records

On-site State Criminal

On-site County Criminal

On-site County Civil 

Why not just buy my own GPS tracker?

The answer comes down to is how important it is to find out what you’re after and how serious you are about getting to the bottom of the issue, along with your risk tolerance.

If you don’t own the car (i.e. your name is on the title), then it’s most likely illegal for you to put a GPS tracker on it. You very may well be guilty of criminal stalking, trespassing, invasion of privacy or even criminal mischief.

We cannot provide you legal or technical advice on using GPS trackers.

If you’re still thinking about it…

Research the topic and you’ll see that there are dozens of different types and brands of GPS tracking devices available. A few of them are good, but most of them are not.

Other issues to consider include dealing with how immediate your need is and how tech-savvy you are. After you research which unit to buy, order it, have it shipped, receive it, put it together, charge the batteries, set up an account and then figure out how to mount it to the car…and then how to access and monitor it through your computer…you’re then probably ready to try it out.

Just as important as what kind of GPS unit you use is where and how you place it on/in a vehicle. A matter of six inches or a difference in the angle of placement can make the difference between whether you’re going to get a strong enough signal or not. Different makes and models of cars have different “best spots” for placement for reasons ranging from issues of electrical interference, to what the car is made of…and if you don’t have a signal, you may as well not even have the unit.

What special services do you offer?

It’s impossible for us to catalog services to fit every problem a client might face.

Often times, the culmination of an investigation produces information the client then needs to act upon. We can provide support services to assist with the planning and execution of the plan.

We have operational partners that provide services such as bug-sweeps, executive protection, threat management, and coaching to facilitate a successful outcome.

If you have a special situation, please contact us to discuss it.

Can you do social media research?

Our investigators have specialized training, data tools, and significant experience in conducting social media research. 

We’ve used social media to provide protective intelligence, threat management, and other unique decision-support to several nationally-recognized entities.

We cannot, however, break into accounts or recover deleted posts or pictures from social media outlets.