Home Security Assessment & Consulting

Many people in the security business call themselves "consultant" when they are actually just a salesperson for solution providers, such as alarm and camera companies. Once they're in your home or get you on the phone, they also make outrageous claims that convince you that installing their system will protect you and your family from anything, from anywhere, and at any time.  That's simply not true.

We do it differently. We use a layered method to home security.  We'll come to your home and run through four security checklists side-by-side with you and discuss each item. You may be surprised to learn that 40% of what we recommend won't cost you anything but will quickly improve your security posture. We'll also look at a long list of other options that will work for you, all within your timeline and budget.

When we're done and you have what you need, we'll leave the checklist with you. This will give you a "to-do" list to work through at your own pace. Also, we never keep records of what we discuss with you or tell anyone which homes or families we've consulted with in your area. Certainly, we appreciate your endorsement on social media and letting your friends know about us, but that is entirely up to you.

Research on Individuals & Skip Tracing

We offer research services in several areas. These can be specific searches, or information used to supplement or inform other types of services, such as confirming an address before surveillance is conducted.

Individual-specific research:

· SSN Verification - cross-referenced to their date-of-birth, addresses, etc.

· Death Index Search

· Possible Relatives

· Possible Roommates/shared-residences

· Cell Phone by Name

· E-mail Search

· Unlisted Numbers

· Other telephone Searches

· Professional Licenses

· Eviction Records

· Marriage Licenses

· Divorce Records

· Vehicle Registrations

· Vehicle Ownership

· Property Ownership

Criminal history:

· Sex Offender Search

· National Warrants

· Arrest Records

· Federal Criminal Docket

· Office of Foreign Assets Control - Terrorist

Business/Corporate records:

· Court Records

· Bankruptcy Records

· Tax Lien Records

· Civil Judgments

· Federal Court Records

· Corporate Records

· “Doing Business As” Search

· Employer Identification Number-Tax ID Search

· Business Phone Search

· Federal Court Records

Delayed Searches:

These take several days because they're done in-person where the records are located.

Therefore, the cost varies.

· State Driving Records

· Consumer Credit Reports

· Federal Criminal Records

· Federal Civil Records

· On-site State Criminal

· On-site County Criminal

· On-site County Civil

Business Investigations

There are often questions about what is happening inside an entity. Gaining that knowledge could be critical to support a decision on investment, merger, acquisition, or partnership; or for a higher management level to gain knowledge on one of their locations or employees.  We provide answers and insights to support business decisions, derived from high-quality intelligence, deep investigation, diverse expertise, and out-of-the-box thinking. 

We conduct research and collect relevant intelligence to gain understanding and insights to ensure productivity, good Return On Investment, and compliance; or to assess security, risks, and/or validate other topics with actionable information. 

Your requirements may also include discovering the character profiles of key leaders, their motives, assessing organizational culture, unmasking vulnerabilities, and characterizing risks.


Unfortunately, insider theft and fraud are also commonplace in business. Detection, verification, administrative actions, and/or prosecution are difficult without solid evidence. Sexual harassment, negligence, and other similar failures may go unreported until a negative event occurs, leading to significant consequences in the press, in public, and in court. Knowing in advance allows you to act versus react.

Working with you and within the law, we will develop a plan to collect the information you need, either through external research, cultivating internal sources, or gaining other forms of lawful access to the entity. 

Process Service

We perform a variety of tasks such as filing court papers, serving legal documents, and document retrieval. We deliver or “serve” legal documents to a defendant or person involved in a court case. When it's complete, we provide an affidavit of service, or proof of service, which must be notarized and given to the individual, attorney, or company who required the papers to be served. 

We also provide services to unrepresented (pro se) clients pursuing action in small claims court. Read the information below to determine if you need to hire a process server. 

Here's what you need to know...

If you need to arrange to personally deliver court documents to someone, this is known as "service of process".

You cannot personally deliver the documents yourself, and you will need to get someone to deliver the documents for you.  Here are the three choices:
1.  The Sheriff's Department - You will be charged a fee for this service.
2.  A private process server - Look up "process servers" on the internet or in the phone book.  You will be charged a fee for this service.
3.  Someone you know who is at least 18 years old and who is not involved in the case.

*Once you decide who will deliver the documents, give that person a copy of each document that needs to be delivered.

*After the documents are personally delivered, the person who delivers the documents will need to give you JDF 98 Affidavit of Service showing that the documents were personally delivered.  Once you are provided with this form, you will need to give it to the court.

Other options:

You may ask the person who needs to receive the documents if they would be willing to accept the documents by mail without the need to have them personally delivered.  If the person is willing to agree to this, you can mail the documents to them along with a Waiver and Acceptance of Service form.   This form is part of the summons that the clerk gave to you.  The person receiving the documents must sign this "Waiver" form and return it to you.  Once you receive the signed form, give it to the court.  If the person won't agree to this, you will need to arrange to have the documents personally delivered.

Asset Location & Recovery Support

Someone has something that belongs to you and you want it back. Maybe you don't want law enforcement involved, or they won't do anything more than "take a report."

We can work with you to confirm the location. We'll also collect and compile intelligence surrounding the potential to recover it, and help you to plan to do it safely.

This could include information on how to get in, grab, and go, all without being seen or having to confront someone. We can help you to assess the time, effort, and risk. This will drive the methods you decide to use.

We can also work with other services (e.g. repo agents and attorneys) to create a successful outcome.

Protective Intelligence

We conduct protective intelligence investigations to develop an understanding of the threat to individuals and entities, providing meaningful support to make decisions and actions for managing the threat. This is most relevant with stalkers, contested divorces, domestic violence, jealous former partners, celebrities, public officials, etc. 

By using a combination of investigative skills, tools, corroboration, and historical evidence, we gather the additional information and evidence to make a thoughtful assessment of the threat an individual may pose to a client. Specific attention is given to the individual’s motives, behavior patterns, and inhibitors. The situation is viewed in its entirety and in context. Then, we assess whether the perpetrator is simply a nuisance or on a path to violence. Each requires a different strategy.

Once an assessment is made, if needed, we can connect you with other service providers so a threat management plan can be developed and implemented. This may include monitoring the individual and/or intervention, providing personal protective services, or taking other actions as appropriate, to prevent further harassment and/or possibly attack. We have partnered with the best in the business in these areas.


We conduct discrete and confidential surveillance to collect the type of evidence the client needs to make a decision and possibly take further action in a variety of scenarios; including but not limited to cheating spouses, child custody, child endangerment, proof of employment, embezzlement, theft, fraud, vandalism, worker’s compensation fraud, etc.

Surveillance is billed by the hour and can be unnecessarily expensive, especially when there is little or no information provided up-front (e.g. no photo of the target), when not effectively planned, or worse yet when conducted by an unscrupulous investigator who is happy to take your money for long hours and little result.

Also, the complexity of a successful surveillance operation depends upon the target itself, access to the target, and the scope of information you need us to obtain. If your current investigator is promising you results without asking these kinds of experienced questions, stop paying them.

For these reasons, many clients abandon the need because they can’t afford it. But there may be other ways to get the information you need without excessive cost.

To be effective, it all starts with having a solid understanding of your requirements. When the requirement is understood, we can then discuss your options and plan effectively to meet your needs. 

For example, if you already know the most common locations for the target you want surveilled, we can build a plan to confirm their presence at those locations at specific times, rather than watch them for extended periods of time. We may also hire informants to help cue us or confirm the target has arrived or departed. 

If you need specific information, such as a single video or picture to prove the existence of something, where the target goes on certain days or times, how long they stay, whom they meet, or what they do when there; then we can build a strategy and plan around those well-defined requirements.

These types of effective approaches save you money and greatly reduces risk to the investigator.

If you need surveillance on something that is known to be difficult to access or otherwise creates risk for our investigators, we can discuss those requirements, along with the necessary methods, costs, and timelines. Higher risks will likely create additional costs and possibly other support requirements (e.g. aircraft).

You tell us the “what, when, and why” and we’ll tell you the “how and how much.”

Background Checks

Have you just started dating someone but you have some doubts about their story?

Have a guest in your home exhibiting inappropriate behavior?

Have concerns about your babysitter?

Often, when you have doubt…there is no doubt. You just need to validate your suspicion.

A background investigation can include everything from finding out where someone presently lives to a comprehensive background checking criminal and civil court records, public records checks, interviewing associates, social network analysis, going through someone’s garbage (a very dirty job, but often very productive and informative), and even surveillance to confirm specific pieces of information. Like everything else we do, it all depends upon your requirements.

To be effective, it all starts with having a solid understanding of your requirements. When the requirement is understood, we can then discuss your options and plan effectively to meet your needs. 

Our background investigations are not to be confused with the “instant Internet background checks” that can be purchased on-line. Those are just collections from various data sources that may or may not be correct.

We perform pre-employment background checks on a limited basis.

Pre-employment background checks are covered by the regulations and rules of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and we don’t meet their compliance requirements. If you’re an employer, you should become familiar with this law.

One exception within FCRA is for a position where the annual income will be greater than $75,000

Special Services

Often times, the culmination of an investigation produces information the client then needs to act upon. We can provide support services to assist with the planning and delivery.

We have operational partners that provide services such as bug-sweeps, executive protection, threat management, and coaching to facilitate a successful outcome.

If you have a special situation, please contact us to discuss it.